Garm IT’s Global Connectivity based on SD-WAN technology

Garm IT deploys the SD-WAN edge platform around the world, providing a no-compromise WAN transformation strategy that delivers a multiplier effect on cloud investments.

WAN Edge Infrastructure service, provided by Garm IT, secures a broader set of network functions, including traditional routing, security, SD-WAN, and WAN optimization. Garm IT helps you to choose from the array of the platforms available for the WAN edge. If you're ready to start your WAN transformation (as we believe you should be!), Garm IT is here to help.

Transform your legacy network with SD-WAN solution

Conventional router-based WANs are highly complex and rigid for today’s multi-cloud and mobile business environment. Garm IT offers a radically different approach to WAN by supporting the dynamic needs of your digital transformation. Unchain your network from the high and unpredictable cost of MPLS, challenges of CLI management, rigidity of static network and frailty of the router-based WAN. We help our clients transform their WAN into a competitive advantage with SD–WAN.

Garm IT simplifies the way WAN is designed, deployed and managed. We transform our customers legacy networks to the ones with automated provisioning, simplified orchestration, policy driven application steering, centrally managed state-of-the-art safeguards, SaaS and Cloud application acceleration, and unified visibility from Data Center to IaaS platforms.